Sunday, July 6, 2014

Failure (Also: I Cannot Pronounce "Verwandlung")

Thursday, July the 3rd. This day was all about Kafka and Seinfeld. Watching Christopher Plummer as Nabokov on Kafka's Metamorphosis without realizing this day was the day Kafka was born in 1883. Watching Seinfeld again without realizing it was two days away from turning 25.

Metamorphosis is about failure. I've always read it like that. But Seinfeld is also so much about failure. I hadn't really seen it that way before. Yes, Jerry is successful. Only on the surface, though. George is the embodiment of failure. He knows it and he owns it. Elaine alternates between the two: surface-success and failure. Kramer is the parasite, the one who would normally live in the margins, and yet he's the outsider who's at the center of everything. This is not a show about nothing. It is a show about failure. Failure to communicate, to connect. Failure to be-come.

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