Thursday, February 21, 2013

Compressed Time

Trains on Tumblr: a selection
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Dilema's dossier on trains is out today. My text is on trains in cinema. I see it's behind the paywall, but that's okay because by now I kinda hate it and because I have smth better for anyone who might be interested in the history of trains in films: a LIST. In addition to posting stills and videos of trains and train stations in films on my Tumblr, I have also made a list because I realize no one is gonna sit around waiting for me to update the series once or twice a week (only seven updates so far). As I've said, and I really mean it, suggestions are welcome. And oh, yes: if a plain list sounds too boring, I've also made a YouTube playlist containing mostly relevant excerpts, but also a few train films in their entirety.

I'm also interested in reading smth (essays, books) about train trips as compressed time but I don't really know what... And what is waiting in a train station? Diluted time, time to kill, wasted time?

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