Thursday, October 4, 2012

Lonerism {reprise}

A quote ("refugiarse a leer en un buen sofá mientras fuera el mundo se derrumba") from this article in El Pais tweeted by sm in Spain (@cajadecerillas) reminded me of this Italian song from a band I was obsessed with during my last year of high school.

Flashbacks to nights spent in front of the computer, starring at a video (this one, that now loads in an instant) that was buffering, and buffering, and buffering... Dial-up is what they used to call it. Kids today have no idea how lucky they are, right? And finding their album, Dieci motivi - how complicated that was. First, I asked a classmate to ask her sister who was living and working in Italy to look for their album and also for Francesco Renga's(*) Camere con vista. She only found a pirate copy of Francesco Renga's album. Soon after that, my dad visited Italy for two weeks and of course I made a list for him. He finally found Velvet's album in Venice. I almost feel guilty about not listening to them anymore considering how difficult it was to find their music. Then again: Velvet's music is transitional music - exactly that type of music you listen to in high school, in your first year of college, when you're still figuring out what music you like. But maybe that's just me. Kids today *grandma voice* are certainly more advanced - at 15-16 they listen to music I barely listened to in college.

(* ) Ah, Francesco Renga! That voice! That hair! Angelo used to give me chills. I wish I could go back to those days when a song like Angelo could still give me chills. Chills and tears. Oh, wait. I figured out what the problem is. I guess it's just the official video that doesn't work for me. I guess I need to see the live version of this song, to see him feeling the song, to see his intense gaze, to see all the effort he's putting into this song. All the effort and all the love - because Angelo is dedicated to his love, Ambra. (If you don't know who Ambra is you're either too young or too old.)

"Siamo soli... è questa la realta?"

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