Monday, September 10, 2012

Be Kind Rewind

I hate this place. No. I hate it that I live here. I hate it that I had to come back here after Cluj. Wonderful, exciting Cluj. I hate it that living here makes me sound like a whiny teenager. Though that's what I am (like).

Then: there are days like today and I think: why would I wanna leave a place where you can still find movies on VHS tape? This is no Stars Hollow. No. Definitely not. But for a tiny second, it sure felt like Stars Hollow.

I already have enough junk in my room, but I just could not help myself when a saw those stacks of VHS tapes. And ALIEN! I kept postponing watching this one and now, with the release of Prometheus, watching Alien became inevitable.

Watching a 1979 movie on VHS tape in 2012 lends this viewing experience a time-traveling dimension that I find irresistible.

Can't wait to spend Saturday night with all these four movies (I'm wild like that). Like in high school, when I would rent four movies over the weekend and watch them all on Saturday night.

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