Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Be Kind Rewind {reprise}

This title was, of course, borrowed from Michel Gondry's filmography. What I hadn't noticed the day I bought those VHS tapes was that a Michel Gondry movie was sitting right there under Alien! Yep. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind - right there in front of my eyes and I don't see it. And I keep bragging about my attention to details. Ha. Ha. What a good joke. Naturally, I'll have to go back to the tiny store and get it.

Meanwhile, I was reading last week's edition of Les Inrocks and found this sync:

It's been happening more and more. Synchronizations, that is. To the point where I'm starting to wonder whether or not I'm imagining things, or at least: making false associations. Maybe I shouldn't use this word, "synchronization" - it seems too big, too charged with meaning. So let's just say that my (pop) cultural consumption has been forming easily traceable patterns. Does that make any sense? For example: I finally start reading Dostoevsky. I start with The Idiot. Then: I finally see Bresson's Le Diable, probablement and I notice the similarities with The Idiot: similar theme (money), characters with similar worldviews (there are some dialogue / monologue lines that I'll have to go back to). Then: I find out that this fall, the Romanian theater in Cluj is premiering a play based on The Idiot. I don't have a ticket yet (btw, since when has it gotten so expensive to see a play from a good seat? ugh & grrr!) but will hopefully see it soon.

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