Sunday, September 30, 2012

Attack the Kingdom

Earlier this month, I took V. to see Attack the Block for his birthday. It was playing at Casa TIFF as part of a Luna Plină retrospective - a film festival that a few years ago I would have gone to no matter what. Won't go again into what ruined my love for the horror genre. Suffice it to say that I'm still readjusting to horror. I'm definitely more selective when it comes to horror movies.

(Checking my memory records, i.e. Twitter, I see that my first encounter with Attack the Block was last September. Full half: nice little one-year anniversary, it makes this viewing a bit more special. Empty half: life's a carousel. Going in circles, going in circles.)

I would have liked to write smth about Attack the Block by now, maybe contrast and compare it to Super 8, maybe even see E.T. (yet another movie I've been avoiding) - also for the sake of contrasting and comparing. The thing is: Kartina Richardson has already written such a good text about Attack the Block. I just wouldn't have anything valuable to add to the conversation. It was thanks to this text that I watched Attack the Block in the first place. If it weren't for it, I would have probably ignored it. Alien movies? Not really my thing. Well, not till recently.


Nice to see Attack the Block mentioned on one of my favorite blogs. I don't usually listen to Basement Jaxx, but I really liked their music on this soundtrack, so I just have to post "The Ends" as well.


There's another one of Kartina Richardson's texts that I love, the one I've mentioned in my latest text published at Projectorhead, one that I appreciate even more now that I have seen the movie. Wes Anderson's Arrested Development. I was so looking forward to seeing Moonrise Kingdom that the first time I read this text I was convinced I would see it and absolutely love it despite being aware of Anderson's shortcomings. (Not that I wasn't already aware of his shortcomings prior to reading this text.)

So last Saturday I finally see the movie and surprise: it's a bit of a let down. I don't know if it's the kids' acting, or the cartoonish special effects, or the fact that it seems like a lesser version of The Royal Tenenbaums. Most of what I like about Moonrise Kingdom is connected to its aesthetic and its characters' quirks. In some cases, that may be enough. Thinking here of Les Amours imaginaires. Actually... in terms of diversity, for instance, Les Amours imaginaires is doing a lot better than Moonrise Kingdom. But the point is: Xavier Dolan is very young and Les Amours... is barely his second feature. Anderson, on the other hand, is at his seventh. I'd expect a little more substance from sm who's been around for that long.

Then again: I've only seen Moonrise Kingdom once, and with Anderson's films, it's mostly been love at second viewing, so who knows? Maybe I'll watch it again and end up loving it and embracing all its silliness. Till then, I guess I'll just listen to its soundtrack. I certainly don't have any objections regarding the soundtrack.

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