Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Hunger (en bref)

I feel like I should have seen The Hunger Games in a movie theater full of screaming teenage girls. Instead, I've seen it like I prefer to see movies on the big screen - in an almost empty movie theater. Not surprising for a first 2 p.m. screening at the former Republica, though. The quietness of the movie theater was actually very appropriate because, unexpectedly, The Hunger Games is a very quiet movie. At a certain point I realized that they had barely used any music.

This is one of those strange cases in which I've read the book before seeing the adaptation. It's also the reason why I find it quite difficult to conclude if the movie can stand on its own or not. It is a solid effort, there's no question about it. But I keep wondering with what eyes I would have seen the movie had I not read the book.

The movie's biggest weakness is that it cannot be separated from the marketing campaign. The excessive marketing campaign. I wrote a bit about that for DV. Fortunately, the movie lives up to its hype. But that wasn't my concern. My concern is this: what is the value, how do you measure the value of a movie which is so enslaved by its marketing campaign?

The Hunger Games is really the first YA franchise I can allow myself to enjoy from start to finish. It has its flaws. I'm not going to ignore its flaws. But despite its flaws, I can still say I love it. And no, I'm not going to file it under "guilty pleasures". Fuck "guilty pleasures".

I'm really glad I went to see The Hunger Games (even though that implied taking a very slow and dirty train). The trouble is: I already want to see it again. Meanwhile, I think I'll challenge myself to write a series of posts on different aspects of The Hunger Games. Yeah, I know, there's already a ton of stuff written about it, more stuff being written right now. But I need to write sth myself because I feel like I don't get to properly digest all the pop culture I consume.


  1. I've watched it twice (until now). I've read the books and they indeed get better with each page that you turn. I think I'll go home today after my night shift and watch it again. And I do have some words prepared, guarded away in a special corner of my brain, about the movie and the books, ready to create a post.

  2. To be honest, I'm a little over it. At this point, I have way too much stuff to watch/read and I doubt I'll get back to it. Looking forward to reading your post, though.

    May I recommend you watch Anita Sarkeesian's (Feminist Frequency) video essays on The Hunger Games? (1) The Hunger Games Novels & Katniss Everdeen & (2) The Hunger Games Movie vs. the Book