Saturday, February 18, 2012

Two of My Favorite Men

Conor Oberst (source) / Leonard Cohen (source)

And, of course, two of my favorite voices.

When I first heard "We Are Nowhere And It's Now", my first thought was: this sounds a lot like Leonard Cohen. Needless to say, Conor's music is a lot more than that, a lot more exploratory. However, you won't hear Conor denying Cohen has been an influence on his earlier music.

To a certain extent, Conor Oberst and Leonard Cohen will forever be linked in my mind. I saw Leonard Cohen live exactly one year plus one day after having seen Conor live. These are the only two significant shows I've been to and I know for sure that even if one day I do get the chance to see more of my favorite bands and musicians, these two concerts will still be the most significant ones.

As proved by previous posts, I've been really excited about Leonard Cohen's return, with his Old Ideas. And hearing Conor explain, for NPR, what he likes about Old Ideas is superlative*! About Cohen's voice, Conor says: "It's getting lower and lower over the years. It's a really powerful instrument." This is also true of his own voice.

* I've just seen Hugo, and this seemed a more than appropriate context to drop something like "superlative".

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