Friday, December 16, 2011

Knope 2012! (Also: Leslie Definitely Loves Ann)

This week brought no new episode of Parks and Rec, which was fine because this gave me a window to re:watch last week's excellent episode, "Citizen Knope".

"Adorable" doesn't cover it. However, as the gals at After Ellen well point out, Parks and Rec "is the sweetest sitcom on TV, but what makes it so wonderful is that it doesn't swim around in sentimentality". It's adorable with an edge. Um, yeah, I need to find sth else to describe Parks and Rec, because that sounds just awful. And the show is the complete opposite of awful, in case I haven't made that clear a hundred times till now.

The best part about "Citizen Knope" is definitely the gift giving. As the asocial I am, I hate it in real life. It's a social minefield out there. But were I a Pawnee resident, I would love to get a present from Leslie and give her one too. The latter would be a difficult task, though. Leslie is undeniably brilliant at finding the perfect gift for each person. Even Jerry/Gerry is happy with his socks. And I just loved seeing Ron moved to tears by his door closer. But um what did Ann get? It's weird that they should overlook exactly her gift when we know she must have gotten sth really special, as hinted by Leslie's word cloud.

Ron: Ben, and much larger, Ann. She definitely loves Ann.

Ann: Awww.

Awww indeed. As far as I'm concerned, this is the best moment delivered by this episode. Then, there is of course the gift they give Leslie, and from there it's a full-on tear festival. Knope 2012!

Leslie and her gingerbread office

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